• Duesundfjellet
  • 247 m
  • Primary factor 207 m
  • Location: North 60.82053, East 005.29933
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed on March 23. 2021


How to get there:
A good point of reference is the small community Hosteland, located north of Masfjorden. To get there from Bergen, drive north on E-39. Just before E-39 enters the 4 km long Eikefet tunnel, there is a choice of route. Forking left onto Hwy. 570, then connect from Masfjordneset to Duesund by (cable) ferry. This is a scenic option. Alternatively, continue on E-39 passing the two fingers of Masfjorden, then an uphill tunnel to the intersection with Hwy. 571. Turn left here, descending on the north side of Masfjorden to meet Hwy. 570 near Hosteland.
The third, and perhaps best way, is to use the ferry from Leirvåg. Turn left in the very first traffic circle in Knarvik (immediately after the bridge), follow Hwy. 57 to Leirvåg. This ferry leaves 15 minutes past the hour. The return ferry leaves Sløvågen 15 minutes before the hour. The crossing takes 20 minutes. From Sløvågen, you have 14 kilometer to reach Hosteland.
The trailhead for Duesundfjellet is located about 1.6 kilometer from the Duesund ferry location. This is about 1 kilometer south for the intersection between Hwy. 570 and Hwy. 571. Park without blocking anything at the fire station located on the east side of the road. The location is N60.8210833, E5.3100644, elevation about 50 meter.
Route description:
Cross the road and locate a concrete staircase leading uphill. The trail continues from the top. It is clear and reasonably well marked. The trail continues to the summit.
I left Bergen early and took the ferry across to Duesund. This was my first summit (among 7) climbed this day. I was on the summit around 0910, back at the car around 0930.