• Skarpefjellsnakken
  • 782 m
  • Primary factor 529 m
  • Location: Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60:55.700, East 005:27.143 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed August 24, 2008
  • Difficulty YDS class 2


How to get there: This mountain is located far north and west in Hordaland. From Bergen, drive north on E-39, cross Romarheimen and continue past Masfjorden. Enter the uphill tunnel named Jernfjelltunnelen and leave E-39 shortly after you exit this tunnel. The sign says Duesund, turn off to the left and follow this road about 4.2 kilometer. Look for a sign for Kalhovda that exits right. Take this road. First, it backtracks a bit and crosses a bridge. About 0.7 kilometer after entering this road, make a left at a junction near a house. Continue across a narrow bridge, less then 0.3 kilometer from the previous junction exit left in a fork where the paved road heads uphill along the right fork. Continue along this (gravel) road and make a right at the next fork, again about 0.3 kilometer from the beginning of the gravel road. This road looks really small, but can be driven by ordinary cars. The road crosses thge creek on a wooden bridge, then continues steeply uphill. The hill is steep enough to require the lowest gear you have. The road ends rather suddenly, there is parking for 2-3 cars. This is the trailhead, location N60:54.836, E005:26.681, elevation about 275 meter.
Route description: An excellent description of this trip can be found at Arnt Flatmo's webpage.
Locate the very nice bridge across the creek, right next to the trailhead. The trail traverses right, then hits sloping rock that leads uphill. Continue uphill on the rock and stay right as you get higher. The trail picks up at the upper right corner of the slick rock. Higher up, there is more rock, but the trail is still easy to follow. Soon, you see the read house on Kalhovdasetra higher up. These farm huts are located at about 440 meter of elevation. The mountain ridge continues steeply just above the huts. The trail is now essentially gone, but the terrain is easy. Stay a bit right, then climb the ridge above and follow it to the summit.
Comments: After a lazy day with Olympic Games from China, it was clear that a hike was called for. I parked at the trailhead at 12 noon and departed at 1215. The summit was reached at 1300 and another 15 minutes with good view all around. However, it was windy so I decided to head back down. I was back by the car at 1400 and decided to drive via the cable-ferry in Duesund on my way home.
The view from this summit is exceptionally good. One can see quite far in all directions.