• Slamet
  • 3428 m
  • Primary factor 3284 m
  • Java, Indonesia.
  • Location: South 07.23914, East 109.22027, (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed July 24. 2019


How to get there:
This excellent web-site on climbing Indonesia peaks should always be consulted.
From Cirebon, go by toll road to Tegal, exit here and continue south in order to access the east slopes of Slamet. The name Bambangan is often used, the area is full of small villages and narrow roads. There are at least two trailheads located closely together. I would certainly recommend the one I used, possibly, this is the highest TH on this side of the mountain.
Locate a steep uphill road that will get you to location S7.22182, E109.25976, elevation close to 1590 meter. The road just turns into a narrow concrete path that continues uphill. This is the trailhead. There is an official portal near this location.

Here is a summary and quick reference to the climbs on this trip.
Route description:
Walk up the concrete path and locate a second gate where the path turns from concrete to dirt. There is farmland on both sides. The trail is quite nice, first across a short section of forest, next uphill passing the highest farmland with a few scattered huts. Next, into the forest on the slope of the mountain. You almost immediately arrive at POS I, located at about 1940 meter. POS II follows at about 2170 meter. The trail merges with the trail starting a bit further south 100 meter above POS II, at location S07.22978, E109.23980, elevation about 2270 meter.
The next several POS locations are at elevation 2440 meter, 2630 meter, 2760 meter, and finally at 3000 meter. Above this, the trail is more sandy as vegetation thins and ends at elevation 3160 meter at location S07.23800, E109.22391. Record this place as it is important for finding your way back down, not ending up on a different trail.
From here to the summit, there is loose scree between volcanic rock. The best route stays right, one easily recognizes how far right one can go without leaving the good route of ascent. Zig-zag uphill until you meet a final small cliff, climb across or turn it on the left, then stroll a few meter up the summit ridge to the highest point.
I had agreed with Abdullah (driver) to pick me up at 4AM, one hour later than yesterday. We drove to the trailhead where I discovered that there had to be two trailheads locally, since my GPS track from Ken (he was here in 2018), did not match. No worries, this was obviously a trailhead, possibly even a bit higher than the one I had read about. The morning sun hit the peak, it looked like a long way up there.
I started walking at 0630, an early start since this was supposed to be a pretty long and hard climb. In fact, all trip reports I had seen recommended doing this peak as a 2 day climb. It was a nice morning and nobody elseto be seen. I passed through a small forest, then the highest agriculture land with a few scattered huts, before the trail entered the forest. This trail immediately appealed to me, perhaps because of the strong contrast with yesterdays trail on Cikuray. Steady uphill, but certainly well suited for normal walking.
I came to POS I then in a while POS II. Above this, my trail merged with the one starting further left. Higher up, I started to see various tents. Almost all Indonesians bring full camping gear and make these climbs a multi day trip. I took a short break up at POS IV, half a liter of water quickly consumed.
The highest POS VI ?, just about 3000 meter, the trail got more sandy and soon vegetation ended. The summit cone consisted of volcanic rock and loose scree. Quite a change from the typical trail where one almost never see any rocks at all. I arrived on top precisely at 1000, so 3.5 hours. Surprisingly windy up here, similar to the summit of Ciremai two days ago. One group of climbers were at the summit when I arrived, they celebrated and took pictures. The view was nice. I could see Ciremai above the clouds, even more pronounced, the twin volcanos of Sundoro and Sumbing floating among big clouds.
It was quite windy on top, so no desire to stay very long. There is a pretty large area going west. An interesting sulphur lake can also be seen nearby. I left at 1015 and arrived back at my car 2.5 hours later at 1245. This had certainly been a very nice hike.