• Djupedalseggene
  • 448 m.
  • Primary factor 366 m.
  • Osterøy, Norway
  • Location: North 60.67342, East 005.43057 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 1
  • Climbed May 26. 2013.


How to get there:
Drive north from Bergen on E-39. Cross the large floating bridge and continue about 22 more kilometer. Look for a signed exit going right next to a gas station. The sign should read Nesbø. From the small traffic circle, drive north (crossing under E-39) along a rather narrow road for 7.9 kilometer. This road takes you along Austfjorden (on your left hand side). You will find a small (signed) intersection and a small road runs to your right, going uphill. The sign says Øvre Veland. Drive carefully up this even more narrow road with several hair-pin turns. There are few places to park unless you ask in house for permission. However at about 120 meter of elevation, there is a large work area on your left. One may park here outside of the road and still without blocking access to the various items. Perhaps just next to the road at the very upper end is the best spot. This location is N60.67652, E005.40451.
Route description:
Continue hiking along the road until you are near the last (white) house. Take a small grassy ramp up right before you pass this house. Continue uphill on grass and locate a gate in the sheep fence that you may go through. Continue uphill, somewhat more left in open grass terrain and pass just on the left side of an old farm building (ruin). You will see a faint trail and as you continue uphill, a second gate is pretty easy to spot. From this gate, there is a clear and easy to follow trail. This trail will take you to a summit with a trigonometric marker and a summit register. However, the high point at the far end of a short summit ridge is higher. There is another marker slightly beyond the highest point.
Tor Erling was visiting, but he had a flight to catch fairly early. Thus, after a late breakfast I needed a hiking goal that would involve a rather short overall trip. This small mountain in Lindås seemed to match our objectives.
We left the car around 1150, arrived at the summit 1220 and descended at 1230, returning to the car at 1300. Spring was in the air, pretty nice flowers on the trees and lots of sheep with babies running around in the fields. Unfortunately, we had a spell of fog/clouds at the very summit, but the conditions improved and we had good views to the fjord during our descent.


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