• Avleinsfjellet
  • 1500 m.
  • Primary factor 50 m.
  • Loen/Olden, Norway
  • Location: North 61:50.152, East 006:51.566 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2.
  • Climbed May 1. 2012.


How to get there:
A good starting point is Olden in Nordfjord.
Route description:
The easiest route is ascending the north ridge.
Loen Rundt:
This top is the last summit before the final descent that completes the Loen Rundt trip. Ascend the gentle slope from the saddle to Skavteigfjellet, then descend to the north. The terrain is steeper further down where you need to stay a bit more left (north-west). This slope should only be skied with stable snow conditions. Continue down to the farm huts just below 800 meter elevation. From there, a trail continues downhill to the farm cabin Losætra (just below 300 meter), from where a forest road runs east, then descends to a farm near a road that crosses the river (Loelva) and connects with the main road. Hike this a short stretch baack to the parking below Tjugen. The Loen Rundt circle has now been completed!
It was nice to arrive at the last top and know that "only" 1500 vertical meter remained before completing the trip. The snow was not altogether easy to ski. My very thin skiing boots were highly inappropriate and I walked down the very steepest part.
Further down, we lost the trail and bush-walked down to the forest road. With skis on the backpacks getting stuck in branches this was not the most pleasant part of the trip. We did get down and everyone were quite happy when reaching the parking. A few decided to take a quick (and very cold!) swim in the river. Subsequently, we agreed to meet at the Pizza place in Førde that offers a fixed price, all you can eat deal. Not a bad idea after 4 days of skiing with thousands of meter vertical gain. We all returned safely to Bergen slightly after midnight since the key ferry at 2200 is missing from the 30 minute schedule, thus we had to wait until 2230.