• Satertind
  • 1623 m
  • Primary factor 987 m
  • Location: North East (GPS on the summit)
  • Junkerdal National Park, Nordland, Norway
  • Attempted November 12, 2012
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2.


How to get there:
Drive south on E-6, about 41 kilometer from Fauske (Fauske is east of Bodø), to Røkland. Exit E-6 (right) here and follow sign for Evenesdalen, ie. use the overpass in order to go east. After a couple of kilometers, go right where the road forks. Continue up Evenesdalen (a valley) and drive all the way until the road ends at Skogly, there is a turn around area and a signed parking. This is the trailhead.
Route description:
Head into the forest where some information signs are posted. The trail runs south-east across this area and down to the small river that runs at the base of the mountain. There is a bridge, but in winter one can cross almost everywhere.
Ascend the slope and pick your way uphill, going left whenever convenient. You will reach a broad and more flat section at about 700 meter of elevation. Follow this going left (ie. east). Ascend gradually as you get closer to the creek that drains lake 952 (in the small valley called Satertindhola). Ascend more right as the terrain permits in order to gain the lower part of the broad ridge coming down from Satertind.
More info will be provided after climbing the mountain.
Trip Report / Comments:
I had been further south, making a failed (due to bad weather) attempt on Geittinden, before returning north to the DNT self-serve hut located close to Lønsdal railroad station. I spent the night there, expecting my friend Åke to arrive with the night train, early next morning. He showed up around 0745 and after breakfast, we cleared out of the hut and drove to the Satertind trailhead. The forecast was not great, and clouds covered the mountain.
We skied through the sparse forest and descended to the river a bit upstream of the bridge marked on my map. No problem to cross on snowbridges today. The uphill section before treeline was easy in terms of progress and skiing conditions. Higher up, we ran into a few steeper steps, we were sort of left of my planned route, but nothing difficult. We reached the broad and flatter section and followed this towards the lake 952 area. Unfortunately, the weather got significantly worse. The wind increased in force and visibility was close to zero. After getting to about 1000 meter of elevation, we left the skis and made an attempt to continue uphill on foot. Not much luck, Åke struggled with a local snowdrift, wind blasting, when I suggested that we should turn back. He agreed without hesitation.
Perhaps next time, I shall be able to see the mountain?