• Stetinden
  • 920 m
  • Primary factor 170 m
  • Lyngen, Norway
  • Location: North 69.81251, East 020.10846 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed March 31, 2019.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there: This mountain is located on the west side of the Lyngen penisula. Drive west from Lyngseidet and get onto Hwy. 312 running north on the west side of the Lyngen penisula. Continue to Sør-Lenangen, locate (pay) parking on your left (near the fjord). Park here, location N69.82397, E020.03057, elevation 2 meter.
The route runs directly from the road, passing a larger building (on its left), then following a distinct corridor that has been cleared through the initial section of forest birch trees. Next, follows a slightly steeper uphill in order to gain a basin higher up. Stay to the left of the drainage, continue uphill, heading towards the obvious route turning south at the innermost part of the (upper) basin. A short ascent here will bring you to the very shallow saddle, immediately below the slope that now extends to the summit. The slope from 700 to 900 meter has an average steepness of 30.1 degree, thus barely inside what is considered avalanche terrain. One should evaluate the local conditions. The summit has a fairly horizontal summit ridge, be careful and check for cornices before ascending the last couple of meter.
This trip was organized as part of the annual national meet of the DNT mountaineering sections. This meeting started on Thursday, March 28th. and ended on this Sunday, march 31st. We left Solhov in Lyngseidet by bus at 0845.
Skiing by 0930, we advanced up a well established track. The parking was pretty full and skiers also arrived by a small boat from a larger boat standing by further out in the fjord. I noted people (and guides) from France, Austria, England, New Zealand and more, clearly foreign skiers outnumbered us by a large margin.
This ascent is quite short and easy, but offers some very good skiing back down. The ascent took about 2:15, the return ski (with several stops) about 45 minutes.