• Paegun-san
  • 1218 m
  • Primary factor 1xxx meter
  • Location: North 35.10583, East 127.62138
  • Korea
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2?
  • Investigated, but not climbed July 4. 2015.


How to get there:
A convenient point of reference is the Jinju airport located south of Jinju in Sacheon. First, drive west to the city of Hadong. There are signs on the Hwy. for Hadong. In Hadong, drive north-west along the river up a very distinct valley. If you drive on the right hand side of the river, then cross the river on a big bridge several kilometer up the valley and head a bit back in the opposite direction on the other side, or simply find the crossing in Hadong and proceed to drive up along the river on its left side (when facing upstream).

Route description:
Please examine this map that shows a few important waypoints.
As soon as you have located the correct side-valley, drive up along the main road. A bit further along, there is a bridge over the river and there are now two options (look at the map in the link above).
You may continue uphill while staying right. The road will end with a (signed) parking area on the left, just below and near some buildings. This is marked as TH-1 on the map. There is an information sign indicating a trail that should continue up along the river to a shelter. There is no information of trails/routes from this shelter to the summit, but it would be very surprising if there was not a route from this shelter to the obvious peak above it.
Alternatively, go across the bridge and continue uphill. You will arrive at a location where the road continues, but where a chain may be used to block access. There is a river on your left. There is parking for one car on the left side just before this gate. This location is marked as TH-2 on the map.
If you can locate somebody (a local farmer?) to ask permission, the road that continues is paved and perfectly fine to drive steeply uphill for quite some distance. Alternatively, it is an easy walk on a good road to get to its end. This spot is marked as TH-3.
From TH-3, the end of the road, there is a vague trail that heads upphill among the trees. It seems likely that one may continue this way and reach a ridge line and/or a different trail that will lead to the summit.
I had climbed Sambong earlier in the day, the next day I needed to travel to the island Jeju. Since there was some time left, I decided to drive south and west to see if I could find a trailhead for this mountain. This turned out to be a bit challenging as I did not have any road map and all signs were in Korean.
Initially, I drove up the wrong valley and ended in a dead end with some kind of Korean temple. Lots of people, a high fee for admission. I took a picture Initially, I drove up the wrong valley and ended in a dead end with some kind of Korean temple. Lots of people, a high fee for admission. I took a picture and drove on in search for my mountain.
I finally got to a promising side valley and explored the right fork first. Next, I drove up the left side and found a promising road leading up into a hillside with fruit trees. This road could be locked off with a chain, taking no risks, I decided to park on the safe side of this chain and explore the local road on foot. The road went uphill much higher than expected, I finally got to the end of the road having gained about 300 vertical meter. A small trace of a trail continued, it seemed like a fair chance that going uphill here would lead to terrain from where one could continue to the summit.