Banderitas Norte

  • Banderitas Norte
  • 3910 m.
  • Primary factor: 110 m.
  • Puente del Inca, Argentina
  • Location: South 32.48.179, West: 69.54.862 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed January 15. 2002


How to get there: The summit is located at South: 32.48.179, West: 69.54.862, this is my GPS measurement from the top. Puente del Inca is about 4 hours from Mendoza by bus. See the entry Aconcagua for more details.
Route description: We made this hike a nice round trip that can be highly recommended. From the Hostel in Puente del Inca, go down (right) the road to the last house in town, cross the road and head up the slope towards a marked gully where a small creek comes down. (There is a small pointed rock formation on the right side of the creek.) The trail crosses this creek and heads up to a shoulder. Banderitas Norte is up to the left, a trail heads up in that direction and this is the trail we will descend. Continue the main trail as it contours around the mountain until the trail reaches a second, somewhat larger creek. Leave the trail and follow the creek a short distance upstream. From this point one can see a distinct ridge that leads up to a crossing ridge at the horizon. This ridge is the key to the route, it will reach a point to the right of the summit. This ridge is easy to follow, one can walk without difficulties all the way. As this ridge connects with the main ridgeline one turns left and continues the smooth and easy terrain all the way to the summit. From the summit, we now traversed the mountain by following the somewhat steeper ridge directly down to the beginning of our route. This part of the route is YDS class 2.
Comments: I did this climb with my son, Tor Erling, age 19, as an acclimatization climb before entering the National Park with Aconcagua. There is a solar panel powering an antenna (that belongs to the military in Puente del Inca) near the summit. The round trip hike took us about 5 hours.