• Nordtoven
  • 995 m
  • Prominence 888 m
  • Location: North 66.11156, East 013.33449
  • Helgeland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on April 28. 2021


How to get there:
Locate Mosjøen along E-6, south of Mo i Rana. Driving north from Mosjøen, fork left on Hwy. 78, signed to Sandnessjøen. Very shortly before this road enters a 10.7 kiliometer tunnel, turn left then follow the road going north passing under the main Hwy. This is road 7318. Pass lake Drevvatnet on your right, then a smaller lake, Motjønna. Turn left immediately after this lake and drive to the farms called Vesterbekkmoen. Park on the left just after completing a right turn. Ask permission to park from the (friendly) people living in the upper house.
Route description:
Follow the forest road that extends uphill from the farm. There will be scooter tracks that show the route up to the top of the first, main ridge - Litlfjellet. Head a bit north-east along this ridge while shiftng over (left) in order to make a nice, big contour across the valley. You route will continue up on Stortovhaugen (600m) on the opposite side. You should approach the base of this hill coming south-west along the valley side. A final, easy stretch to the summit.
Proceed up Stortovhaugen, next connect more west onto the msin mountain plateau. Ski nice slopes heading west to the summit. The final summit slope is steeper, but may be accessed quite easily near its east end.
After a tough climb in white-out conditions of Golvertinden yesterday, I travveled to Sandnessjøen and checked in for 2 nights at Hotel Napoli. Leaving the hotel around 0800, I drove to the trailhead and asked about parking from friendly people in the upper house on the right. They remembered Otto from about 7 years back!
I left around 0900 and followed the road uphill, later some scooter tracks. The weather was sunny and I had a very enjoyable ski. Arriving at the summit at 1200, I had a rest and took some pictures, fixing the rando skis for what looked like a nice ski back down. I left around 1215.
The skiing was nice, but I gave up on a single, continuous ski, the valley in the middle required skins and a small break while ascending the ridge. More skiing, I ended up on a lower forest road, but it served the same area. Back by 1400, quite a nice day!