Veten on Snilstveitøy

  • Veten on Snilstveitøyeten
  • 409 m
  • Primary factor 409 m
  • Rosendal, Norway
  • Location: North 59.96892 East 005.94619 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed May 14, 2014.


How to get there:
This top is located on the island of Snilstveitøy directly outside of the small village Rosendal. The key question is how to get across from Rosendal to the island. There is a very infrequent ferry service, depending on it may imply that one spends more time, possibly an overnight on the island. This, may of course be an excellent option as long as it is planned.
I ended up with borrowing a boat that could be rowed, from the Rosendal fjordhotel. This is not a bad option if you are a guest there. A third alternative is certainly to locate some local person that owns a boat and have a private charter across.
Route description:
The straight line distance from the Rosendal fjordhotel to a very suitable place to anchor a boat at the island, was measured to 2830 meter. From here, walk along the single road that runs a bit inland, but sort of parallel to the shore until you locate the first dirt road that heads uphill, serving a couple of houses. Take this road until it forks with a nice signpost, called Sinsenkrysset. (This is a well known intersection in Oslo.) Go left and pass the last house on the right, cross through an old stone fence where it has a road-sized gap, then follow what looks like an old forest road further left. This road (or path) curves right after crossing the creek, then crosses back. The path is now very clear as it curves uphill and eventually ends in a pretty flat location, quite close to the summit. From here, just head uphill (slightly left). There is a pretty good trail running along the top of the hill, so it really does not matter too much where you ascend. The terrain is generally less steep and more pleasant a bit on the right. On top of the main ridge, turn left and follow a good path to the local summit, a pretty small, but distinct hump. There is a visitors book as well as a trigonometric marker on the top.
I left Rosendal fjordhotell at 1530. There was a little wind and waves coming in towards me. I rowed with a fair amount of energy and reached the nice boat area just near some vacation houses at 1620, so 50 minutes. The subsequent hike wenth smoothly. First along the road, then up the very nice path. I was on top at 1705, so another 45 minutes. The weather was just nice and the top is a good viewpoint. The view directly across to Melderskin and Rosendal was excellent.
The register had one signed visit 2 weeks earlier, on May 1. The register also had a one page note about the history of this summit, Veten is a very common name along the coast since these tops were used to light fires as a signal, way of communicating, that enemies were coming. The local communities would then have time to mobilize forces and ships to fight the arriving force.
I left at 1725 and reached my boat at 1805. The return rowing was slightly easier as the wind was now helping. I stepped back into the hotel at 1845 after a very successful trip.