• Ullstinden
  • 1093 m
  • Primary factor 966 meter
  • Location: North 69.79582, East 019.66902 (GPS on the summit)
  • Troms, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed August 16. 2015


How to get there:
From Tromsø, drive across to the Tromsdalen side (Hwy. E-8), but instead of going towards Nordkjosbotn, turn north (the opposite direction) and drive along the coast all the way to Snarby, this is the small place where the road leaves the coast and crosses over to Oldervik on the east side. Locate two small roads that fork left at the same place. The first, marked "Privat Vei" (Private road), runs directly down to the beach, while the second serves a few local houses. Park here (avoid the bus stop!), location N69.79718, E019.54442, elevation around 15 meter.
Route description:
From the trailhead/parking, take the small dirt road that heads directly down to the sea. This road has a sign saying "Privat vei! (private road). When you reach the beach, turn right and follow the beach as it curves around (left), then heads north. After approximately 4 kilometer, a (significant) creek comes down from the valley between Ullstinden (south) and Ullstinden.
Cross the creek, then head steeply uphill on its left side. As you reach a small, flat plateau, continue uphill between the rocks that are visible both left and right. After another steep climb in good terrain, look left and find the natural passage left to a second green slope that heads uphill. You are now on the lower end of a moraine that can be followed all the way to well above the treeline.
In fact, this small ridge curves left and connects with a ridge that runs up the mountain. However, it is better to ascend slightly to the right of this ridge, in a shallow gully that has grass all the way to a tiny notch. Continue uphill, traversing right, one may still stay largely away from rocks. The ridge becomes horizontal, then a small uphill to the highest point. The summit has a very large cairn and good views in all directions. The view across to Lyngen being of special quality.
After a very long, but memorable climb of Soltindan, it seemed very natural to complete this weekend in Tromsø with a climb of Ullstinden. I drove via Tromsø out to the trailhead while observing a very nice sun set. I parked off the main road and planned to sleep outside my car. However, this was a place with millions of mosquitos so I quickly gave up and escaped back into my car.
I started out at 0620 the next morning and walked along the beach without much difficulties, The weather was still very nice and the view across the water just as good as it can be up north on a summer day. arriving at the creek that drains the valley between the two Ullstinden summits at 0720. The ascent was nice, but fairly steep. I was soon above the trees with a good view of the lower (south) summit.
I arrived at the summit by 0920, so 3 hours up. This is an excellent viewpoint for a closer look at the Lyngen penisula (see panorama below). In addition, the views south as well as across to Ringvassøya are also very good.
I spent half an hour at the cairn before beginning a very un-hurried descent. Walking back down to the coast along the same route as I had taken going up, took about one hour. The walk back along the beach took about the same time as in the morning and I was back by my car at 1215, with plenty of time for my flight at 1600. A very nice weekend in Troms, three summits all with significant prominence.