• Sørdalsnuten
  • 957 m
  • Primary factor 169 m
  • Location: North 60.80785, East 005.70733 (GPS)
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on May 8. 2022.


How to get there:
Drive E-39 north from Bergen. After passing the highest point above Romarheim, start descending towards Matre, but exit right before you enter the long tunnel. Drive under the Hwy. then turn right on the small mountain road Svartavassvegen, that will take you along the north side of lake Storevatnet (325m). This road is paved and first climbs to lake Gagnløysevatnet where there are some cabins and two speed bumps.
I do not know how this road is managed in winter, but at least this spring the power company BKK has plowed the road all the way to a power plant at Vemundshøgda. This is at location N60.8549, E5.6948, elevation about 560 meter. This is an excellent trailhead for spring skiing.
Route description:
Continue along the (unplowed) road around its first left bend. You should see the bridge on your right at location N60.8518, E5.7022. Continue south-east along the lake/river in order to enter Vemundsbotn and then ascend the very distinct valley towards lake Insta Sørdalsvatnet, elevation 721m. You should cross the river, until mid May there should be snow bridges. An alternative is to ski around on the west side of (or across) the hill Moltebærhaugen (796m).
Cross the lake directly south and continue in the distinct valley to the small lake at elevation 770m. Turn right and follow another small valley that will connect directly to the north ridge of Sørdalsnuten. Follow this, then ascend the final slope to reach the summit plateau and a big cairn.
I had observed that the access road was plowed on my trip the day before. This seemed like an almost ideal way to climb this peak. Also Instebotnsknolten could be visited on my return trip.
A very nice and sunny Sunday. After a nice sunday breakfast, I drove to this trailhead and started skiing at 1100. The first bridge is really needed, no alternative at this time of year. Next, I needed to cross the river coming from the lake higher up. Fortunately, there was just a single snow bridge left that still looked pretty safe. Nice snow and easy skiing. The ice on the lake at 700 meter was still very good and I made good progress towards the north ridge of Sørdalsnuten. Arriving at 1245, I took a good break and had my small chocolate lunch. Good views up Modalen as well as to the mountains in the north. A new sign informed me that I was now on the highest point in Alver municipality. I signed the summit register and noticed that only a single party had been here this winter (in 2022).
Leaving around 1300, I skied across to Instebotnsknolten, arriving there at 1335. Another short break, then easy skiing all the way back to my car in less than one hour.