Monte Amiata

  • Monte Amiata
  • 1738 m.
  • Primary factor 1490 m.
  • Italy
  • Location: North 42:53.250, East 011:37.403 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: Drive up, or a (YDS) class 2 alternative.
  • Climbed July 4. 2012.


How to get there: Monte Amiata is located about half way between Pisa and Rome. More precisely, it is located between the village Castel del Piano (west) and Abbadia San Salvatore (east). There are paved roads essentially to the summit of Monte Amiata from these villages. Thus, a summit visit can be made as a short stroll from the nearby, large parking area.
However, in light of its near ultra prominence status, one may also consider the option of doing a hike from at least 600 vertical meter below the summit. For this purpose, a good trailhead is located at N42:53.766, E011:39.055, elevation about 1070 meter. This is on the main road connecting the summit with the village of Abbadia San Salvatore.
Here is an overview of peaks climbed at my Europe 2012 summer trip.
Route description:
A very clear trail starts uphill from the trailhead described above. Start out along this trail. Unfortunately, this trail will reconnect with the main highway. As you approach the highway again and as the trail is not going uphill any more, leave this trail to your left and head directly uphill. The terrain is pretty good for off-trail hiking. There are trees, but they do not cause any problems. You may find a small trail in a few places. There is one trail that has been used by off-road bikes (going downhill) that runs uphill until it hits the main road. You will cross the road higher up. Just hiking uphill, perhaps slightly right, will get you to the local summit with several antennas. You are now near the parking. Continue to the parking and from there, follow the general, wide path to the summit. You will walk up a wide path with some steps, then first arrive at the large and elaborate cross. From here, a big trail leads to the location of the highest point with a madonna statue nearby. There are several souvernir shops along the way. The very highest point is on the top of a huge boulder that actually requires a single (YDS) class 2+ move.
Not knowing about the initial trail, I started slightly higher up on the road at location N42:53.810, E011:38.944, elevation about 1100 meter. I quickly ran into the trail and had some hope that it actually provided an alternative to driving. No such luck, the trail ran more horizontally and eventually descended slightly in order to reconnect with the road. I decided to just head uphill among the trees. This is quite ok, the going is easy. Leaving at 1015, I was up near the antennas by 1110. From there, it was easy to locate the parking area and the somewhat crowded path that lead to the highest point. This summit attracts quite many tourists. They stroll up the gentle path to the large cross, proceed along the path with souvernirs for sale, before ending among the huge boulders that mark the highest point. Most people are happy with a visit to the madonna, only a few climb the highest natural ground.