• Middagsvalen
  • 881 m
  • Primary factor 188 m
  • Vålådalen, Sweden
  • Location: North 63.14222, East 013.04725 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed November 21, 2021.


How to get there:
The best starting point is a small farm community called Vallbo. This is 35 kilometer (mainly south) from the skiing town of Åre. Location N63.15766, E013.06164, elevation near 590 meter.
Route description:
There is a trail with trail markers that will connect you to the summit. This is a short, uphill walk.
I spent the weekend with my friend Jostein at the Vålådalen mountain hut. Before going back home to Trondheim, we decided to make a short ski trip and this mountain, clearly visible from the hut, looked like a good destination.
However, with very limited snow cover and rivers still not frozen, it turned out to be a pretty tough trip involving bushwack (on skis!) as well as a complex river crossing. We finally arrived on top close to 1400, and realized that it would get dark before we were back.
Jostein suggested that we descend to Vallbo rather than skiing back north fighting the bush. From there, we could walk a "short distance along the road." The descent was steep and the trail not suitable for skiing. When we reached Vallbo, it turned out that the walk back to Vålådalen would be close to 9 kilometer. We finally made it back to our car at 1745 after what seemed like a pretty long walk along the dark highway.