• Klevanuten
  • 1252 m
  • Primary factor 126 m
  • Location: , Voss, Norway
  • Location: North 60.74499, East 006.91906
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed January 30. 2022


How to get there:
Take the local train from Bergen to the small railway station named Ljosandbotnen. This is a small station after Mjølfjell on the railroad between Voss and Myrdal.
Route description:
Follow the road that runs into the Ljosanddalen valley on the left side of the river. This road eventually crosses the river, continue up the valley, now with the river on your left side. Ascend slightly right towards the lake Borgarebuvatni, then follow the broad ridge north (before you reach the lake). Ascend the upper part in a natural passage north-west of the summit.
This was a DNT topptur, ie. a ski trip to a local summit. Helge was co-trip leader, thanks a lot! We had 11 participants, so a group of 13. We took the 0829 train from Bergen, arriving around 1040. Ready to ski shortly aftere arrival, we skied on fresh new snow along the road into Ljosanddalen. A strong storm the day before had brought rain almost as high as the moutain. Today, with around -8C, the snow surface consisted of a thin layer of newly frozen crust. This was slightly tricky to ski, but everyone did well and we did find some powder on top, a bit lower down. A general rest was called in the area below the lake, before a gentle ski back down the valley.
We were back by the train well ahead of time. A few participants practiced locating buried avalanche senders while waiting.