Store Rundfjellet

  • Store Rundfjellet
  • 936 m
  • Primary factor 653 m
  • Troms, Norway
  • Location: North 69.00856, East 017.78095 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed May 29, 2016.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Locate Hwy. 84 connecting the small community of Sjøvegan with Sørreisa. This is south-west of Bardufoss. Driving north on Hwy. 84 from Sjøvegan, first along the fjord, then inland and more north along the east side of lake Røyrbakkvatnet. Next, you will have Store Rundfjellet on your right hand side. Continue until you are north of the mountain. Look for a small dirt road going right with the sign "Skytebane", (Shooting range), turn right here and drive straight towards the hill until you cross a small, concrete bridge. Find parking here, it is not allowed nor advisable to drive any further. This location is N69.02635, W017.74728, elevation about 115 meter.
Continue up the farm road in zig-zags until it runs a long stretch to the right (away from the mountain), leave the road here and traverse uphill towards the mountain, such that you reach the more level area about where the river from the lakes higher up, drains downhill. Find a spot where it is safe to cross. Continue up the north ridge in two stages with a more gentle section in the middle. When you reach the more level area west of the summit, there are two options. One may pick a steep route more or less directly to the summit. Alternatively, continue south and access the south ridge, then follow this to the summit.
I climbed this mountain with Mike Fellows and his wife Fran Rosamond. We had spent 3 nights at the nice DNT hut Skoddeberghytta and were on our way back to Tromsø. This mountain looked like an ideal goal for a not too long hike in the phenomenal good weather that we were experiencing.
We started out at 0945 and after about one hour and 400 vertical meter, Mike decided to enjoy the scenery and take a break while Fran and I continued up towards the summit. Fran is well above 70 years and I carefully looked for a most feasible route. This still involved a small snow traverse in order to reach the top of the north ridge. From there, we went across to the south facing ridge, thus avoiding snow and getting a more gentle slope along this ridge to the summit plateau.
Fran made the summit at 1210, an impressive effort. We looked at the great scenery all around, this realtively low mountain is a very good viewpoint. Leaving at 1225, we quickly made it back down to Mike.
We had all crossed a rather shaky snow bridge across the small river that drains the lakes next to this peak. I wondered if it would still hold at our return later in the day. The temperature was well above 20 Centigrades, not good for fragile snow bridges. I first took 3 medium logs and put across in order to distribute weight, then stepped onto two of them with my first foot. The entire bridge collapsed into the river. I quickly stepped across, then gave Fran a pole to hold on to when she still could make good use of the snow that was still above water. Mike jumped across via a small island that we had noticed a bit further upstream.
Further down with a mix of meadow and sparse birch trees, we came upon 3 white reindeer. A very nice sight, especially for Fran and Mike, this being their first time seeing reindeer in Norway.
We returned to our car at 1410, then concluded our trip with a nice and scenic drive back to Tromsø airport. The sky was blue and the temperature 25 Celcius.