Nathorst Fjeld

  • Nathorst Fjeld
  • 630 m
  • Primary factor tbd
  • North of Constable Pynt, North East Greenland
  • Location: North 70:46.29, West 22:42.33
  • Climbed May 18, 2000.


How to get there: Nathorst Fjeld is easily climbed from the Danish airport Constable Pynt in North East Greenland.
Route description: Ski or hike north from Constable Pynt. The mountain is facing the fjord to the east, but it is also separated from the inland by a very characteristic valley on the west side.
Comments: There is also a Nathorst Tinde, in the Petermans Bjerg area, more precisely, I had a good view of this mountain from Mehlums Tinde (2560 m), see this entry.
Our party was stuck at Constable Pynt for about one week due to bad weather and a rescue operation going on further south and tying up our Twin Otter airplane. (The weather at Constable Pynt and further north where we were headed was just fine..)
I skied completely around this mountain one day, and visited the mountain yet another two times.