• Bufjellet
  • 243 m
  • Primary factor 175 m
  • Location: North 60.86450, East 005.19578
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed on March 24. 2021


How to get there:
A good point of reference is the small community Hosteland, located north of Masfjorden. To get there from Bergen, drive north on E-39. Just before E-39 enters the 4 km long Eikefet tunnel, there is a choice of route. Forking left onto Hwy. 570, then connect from Masfjordneset to Duesund by (cable) ferry. This is a scenic option. Alternatively, continue on E-39 passing the two fingers of Masfjorden, then an uphill tunnel to the intersection with Hwy. 571. Turn left here, descending on the north side of Masfjorden to meet Hwy. 570 near Hosteland.
The third, and perhaps best way, is to use the ferry from Leirvåg. Turn left in the very first traffic circle in Knarvik (immediately after the bridge), follow Hwy. 57 to Leirvåg. This ferry leaves 15 minutes past the hour. The return ferry leaves Sløvågen 15 minutes before the hour. The crossing takes 20 minutes. From Sløvågen, you have 14 kilometer to reach Hosteland.
From Hosteland, take Hwy. 570 west to the intersection with road 5438 signed for Sleire. (or arrive here directly from Sløvågen). Note that this exit is on the left (south) side of Hwy. 570. Drive north towards Sleire, but fork lefton the road to Tangedal. This fork is immediately before the main road crosses the river (from west to east), to the right side. The trail starts near location N60.86958, E5.20345, next to a small side road to Brudal. This is about 600 meter from where this side road forks off.
Route description:
There is a trail with trail markers that runs from the trailhead to the summit. This trail is about one kilometer long.
This was peak number 4 (out of 7) climbed on this day, I did not know about the trail described above. I parked near location N60.85713, E5.19940. This is off the road in a sharp right bend on the main road (going to Sleire).
I walked up the vaalley following the old tractor road. Next, I took off to the right and by making some very stupid navigational errors, this brought me into the steep area south-west of the summit. After wasting quite a lot of time, I finally scrambled out of this trouble near the gully that cuts across just south of the summit. After a more conservative route on the final stretch, I arrived on the summit. There, I discovered the trail with trail markers coming up from the west side. On my return I descended 50 vertical meter down the very distinct gully running south. From this base, I could more easily traverse back to the tractor road.
For some (today) unexplainable reason, I also completely failed/forgot to take any pictures on this trip. A big apology is in order.