• Øyanovi
  • 801 m
  • Primary factor 113 m
  • Location: Hordaland, Norway.
  • Location: North 60.57228, East 005.85191 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed March 30, 2020


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive E-16 towards Voss, but exit (right) at Dale. Continue through Dale and up the narrow (spectacular) road that runs up Bergsdalen. About 30 years ago, this was the main Hwy. connecting Bergen to Oslo, very hard to believe when driving there today.
Pass the first lake and the small power plant at Fosse, continue in a big left bend around the small hill with elevation 519m. Locate parking (there is an old open gate there) on your left in the next right bend on the road. This is location N60.57592, E005.89968, elevation about 425 meter.
Route description:
Continue along the road about 250 meter, then take the small road/path that exits right and connects to the bridge ahead. Ski up the nice slope on Revanjuken, stay to the left side at the upper (slightly steeper) part. There is a cairn placed around 760 meter of elevation. From here, turn more right and head flat and downhill towards Øyanovi. Pay attention as there is a steep final drop to the narrow connecting valley, however this ends and there is an easy access to the saddle near location N60.56923, E005.85802, elevation slightly more than 680 meter.
From here, ascend on easy slopes avoiding the rocks, typically moving right while ascending. The summit is marked with two rocks near the steep west side.
The forecast was good and I started early from Bergen. I started at 0750 and had a very nice ski, arriving at the summit by 1050. My trip then continued to Storafjellet.