Cerro El Pital

  • Cerro El Pital
  • 2730 m
  • Prominence 1530 m
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1.
  • Location: El Salvador
  • Location: North 14.38438, West 089.12917 (GPS)
  • Climbed: March 23, 2022


How to get there:
This is the highest mountain in El Salvador, located on the border with Honduras. To get there, one must drive north from San Salvador. First locate and drive to the town San Ignacio. From there, head north-east to Chiquito. The road from Chiquito up to El Pital is steep and (normally) requires a 4WD vehicle.
Park in a designated parking area near location N14.38186, W89.12715, elevation about 2650 meter.

A quick summary of the peaks climbed in Central America.
The summit is within an easy, short walk.
After quite a long drive from El Zonte (Bitcoin beach), we had a nice and very short walk to this summit. There are antennas nearby, but fortunately, the summit point is outside the fenced in area. This summit is also a border marker between Honduras and El Salvador. We had a 2 minute walk in Honduras, for me a new country.