• Gjendehøe
  • 1257 m
  • Primary factor 190 m
  • Location (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: Gjende, Norway
  • Climbed October 15. 2016.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1.


How to get there:
Gjendesheim at the end of lake Gjende is a good starting point. Gjendesheim can be reached by car, driving Hwy. 51. The location is N61.49450, E008.81221, elevation about 1000 meter
Route description:

The trail to this summit ascends from Leirungsbuin, south-east of the peak. It traverses a bit west, then ascends from the south to a col west of the summit. The trail bends back and ascends the summit ridge from west to east, entering the shallow col just next to the summit, then a final, short slope to the top. There are several cairns. The summit has a pretty good view across lake Gjende, but also in other directions.

I took part in a gathering and conference for DNT guides. This trip was a short break from the program, in order to catch some fresh air and enjoy the fantastic fall weather that we have had in Southern Norway for 2 full weeks. We left Gjendesheim around 1500, had a short boat trip across the river Sjoa, then ascended from the south-east. We were at the summit around 1600 and did some photos. Descending to the west, we completed a traverse and circle, getting back to Gjendesheim at 1710.