Fredericks Fjeld

  • Fredericks Fjeld
  • 2440 m.
  • Primary factor: tbd.
  • North-East Greenland
  • First ascent, June 14. 1998


How to get there: The mountain is located at North: 73 ° 03' 05.0'' West: 28 ° 50' 55.0'' .
This is a GPS measurement from the summit.
Route description: I climbed this mountain after the ascent of Torstind. The east-west ridge is easy to follow with a spectacular view down to the Nordenskiold Glacier as well as across the valley to the mountains further south, including Schackleton's Bjerg (the second highest in North-East Greenland).
Comments: I traversed the mountain from west to east with my skis on the backpack for the part that could not easily be done with skis.