Store Sundhaugen

  • Store Sundhaugen
  • 160 m
  • Primary factor 107 m
  • Samnanger, Norway
  • Location: North 60.35794, East 005.64058 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2+
  • Climbed October 6, 2012.


How to get there:
Drive to Trengereid, then take Hwy. 7 across towards Samnanger. Going downhill, just after two small tunnels, make a right on a road signed for Os. Drive this road 4 kilometer and look closely for a tiny (paved) road that runs left. It climbs a hill and serves some local houses. There is no parking higher up (the road is signed as private). However, there is parking to the right in the first (left) curve for one car. Park here, location N60.36640, E005.64028, elevation about 62 meter.
Route description:
Walk up the road and go right at a garage before you get to the private dwellings. Follow the main ridge or perhaps a line slightly on the left side until you arrive at a local (shallow) pass that cuts across the main ridge. The hill is much steeper on the other side. Ascend a clear grass ledge that runs to your left. Follow this until you locate a pretty nice (shallow) gully that you can climb up to your right (YDS) class 2+. This is the only steep part. Continue uphill to a local top near an antenna. You now see the highest point a few hundred meter ahead.
I left my car at 1545 and arrived at the summit in 30 minutes at 1615. I was back at my car by 1645.