• mysterfjell
  • 758 m
  • Primary factor 100 m
  • Vaksdal, Norway
  • Location: North 60.75066, East 005.84336 (GPS)
  • Climbed September 26. 2020
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Locate the narrow Hwy. 569 connecting E-16 (north of dale) with E-39 at Roamarheim. Follow this road (from either end) to the north end of the fjord Eidsfjorden. Fork east here, the road will cross the river, keep right and follow the natural road up this small valley. Eventually, the road turns more left and gets to the farm Myster. Find a sign for parking and follow this as you pass through a gate to locate the designated parking. This parking cost NOK 50, NOk 25 if you are low on cash, to be paid by Vipps (a mobile payment App). The trail starts from the parking. This location is N60.73589, E005.82394, elevation about 45 meter.
A trail starts from the parking, pass through a small gate and proceed to a trail fork painted on a rock. Keep left. Follow the trail up to the summer farm house called Leiro, located at a nice spot with a small lake. Cirve around the buildings on the left and locate a trail between big trees on a small ridge at location N60.73639, E005.84660, elevation about 335 meter.
Follow this trail, ascending up and into the narrow Leirodalen valley. When you reach approximately 600 meter of elevation, start a traversing climb up left. You will arrive at the summit, the highest point is a single rock.
I started hiking at 1130 and followed the nice trail up to the mountain farm called Leiro. From there, I ascended a bit too much left (west) and ended up countouring around the steep rock faces to ascend the mountain along easy slopes from the south-west side. I arrived at the summit at 1320. Nice views and time for a rest. I left at 1335 and descended into Leirodalen valley, the route I had planned to follow. Returning to my car at 1450 after a very nice hike in good weather.