• Storafjellet
  • 127 m
  • Primary factor 109 m
  • Location: North 60:14.022, East 005:17.571 (GPS at the summit).
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed on July 31. 2011


How to get there:
Drive towards the shopping center Lagunen (on the way to the airport), then go left in the second traffic circle (just after Lagunen) and drive to Fana Kirke. At this point, make a right towards Krokeide (Hwy. 546). Just as you cross a local saddle, before you see the ferry on your left, turn right on a small road named Botnegrenda. Just before this road you drive by a pedestrian crossing and a bus stop on the main road.
You immediately arrive at a small fork where there is a farm driveway on your left. Find parking (without blocking any traffic) in this area. Thisis the trailhead, location N60:14.193, E005:17.934, elevation about 20 meter.
Route description:
From this trailhead, walk up left towards the farm. Turn right before the red barn on a tractor (farm) road. Follow this up (through a gate), as it gains the higher farm (grass) area. You should pass uphill in this area (as seen from your parking area). As you get up to the higher laying farm area, turn right and walk up to the upper boundary of the grassy area. The way to find the trail is to locate a V-shaped fence detail enabling people, but not cows to cross. This fence crossing is located slightly uphill from location N60:14.200, E005:17.722, elevation about 70 meter.
From here, you can follow the small, but still very easy to find trail that will lead you all the way to the summit. There is a nice view all around. You may see the Folgefonnenglacier among other distant views.
There is a second summit a short stretch further on. In order to go there, your trail continues to the left, follow this across to the other summit, which appears to be about 2 meter lower than the main summit.
I started out around 1550 and were a bit lucky to find the trail higher up. Arriving at the summit by 1610. A very nice viewpoint. I continued across to the slightly lower summit, however, failed to notice that the trail continued there. I was there around 1620, then walked back to the car, arriving there around 1645.
The key saddle was very close to where I had parked and I proceeded to measure its elevation with my GPS. Two readings gave 22 meter and 25 meter, my GPS agreed exactly with the official elevation of 127 meter for the summit. Thus, it seems assured that this peak has prominence exceeding 100 meter. Interpolation on the map gives 109 meter, my GPS readings between 102 and 105 meter.