• Haveren
  • 808 m
  • Primary factor 802 m
  • Lofoten, Norway
  • Location: North 68.29810, East 013.94765 (GPS)
  • Climbed September 8. 2020
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1


How to get there:
Driving Hwy. E-10 from Leknes towards Svolvær, after about 20 kilometer the road crosses a col before descending to lake Hauklandsvatnet. In a sharp right curve, a road forks left signed for Kvalnes. Take this road. After passing lake Urvatnet, you enter the small community Bø. Look for a small parking spot on the left hand side of the road, near location N68.32354, E013.91849, elevation about 15 meter.
Look carefully to find the trail on the opposite side of the road. In any event proceed to hike up the valley starting across the road from the trailhead. You will walk parallel to a fence and the trail will turn right (staying outside of the fences) and cross the creek that drains the lake Dalvatnet (also called Bøvatnet). Do not hike along the shore, but find the trail that runs up a tiny ridge line (away from the lake). Be certain to find this trail. The trail will climb to the upper basin, named Trolldalen, then climb the right side and gain the main crest.
Next, head towards the broad ridge leading to the final summit ridge. There are a couple of trails, the best trail cuts across, ie. a bit away from the slope going down on the left. Ascend the ridge and arrive at a flat plateau from where you have a clear view of the more rugged final ridge with the summit visible at the end.
Just follow the climbers trail, it winds its way and there are no serious difficulties. The summit has a nice cairn.
I arrived by airplane to Leknes in the afternoon. It would be nice with a hike after a long travel. Pretty efficient rental car (Avis) and I drove directly to the trailhead. Ready to go at 1645, I was not very confident with the time and did pack a head-lamp just in case. I seemed to remember (wrong as it turned out) that the route went along the shore of the lake, then uphill. Thus, I lost the route and since I did not see any trail going uphill, decided to just climb straight up. Half way up, I came upon the trail. From here, it was easy going to the main crest. Next, I made another (minor) mistake by following a trail that stayed on the left side and got me into some slightly cumbersome terrain. I recovered the proper trail and the final ridge was certainly easier than it looked. Summit at 1815, so 1:30 up. Nice summit, and a resonable view despite a solid cloud cover. The final ridge looks harder than it is when viewed from the summit. The descent went fine, I followed the trail and this got me directly to the creek. Back at my car by 1940, so less than 3 hours trip time. Still plenty of daylight, it was now time to get to my hotel and check in.