• Hikletten
  • 494 m
  • Primary factor 136 m
  • Osterøy, Norway
  • Location: North , East 005. (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed: March 22, 2014


How to get there:
There are two ways to drive, I can recommend that one drives one way to and then the other way from. However, here I describe both alternatives from the automatic toll station at the Osterøy side of the bridge (that connects to Hwy. E-16, serving Bergen).
Alt.1 This is the shortest route. Turn right immediately after crossing the big bridge and follow signs for Bruvik. In Bruvik, fork left (uphill), drive up to the col between Brøknipa and Rispingen, continue gently downhill. Approximately 19 kilometer from the Osterøy bridge you arrive at a road fork where a pretty large dirt road forks right. There is a sign on the main road here, pointing back advising that it is 19 kilometer to the Osterøy bridge.
Alt.2 Measure from the toll crossing (Osterøy bridge), continue on the main road through the big tunnel. At kilometer 4.8 (local hilltop), turn right. Then at kilometer 6.0 go straight (across bridge), then at kilometer 7.9 follow the main road as it curves sharply left. At kilometer 10.7, turn right, then continue straight at kilometer 12.3. Turn right at kilometer 13.6, then right again at 15.6. The road climbs steeply uphill with sharp curves, before arriving at a self serve toll station at kilometer 19.8. Pay toll (NOK 30 in 2014), then continue on a nice dirt road that descends towards a lake. Stay right as you hit a paved road and continue to kilometer 25.1, where a dirt road forks left. There is a sign on the main road here, pointing ahead advising that it is 19 kilometer to the Osterøy bridge.
From this road fork, drive 5.2 kilometer along the dirt road. You will arrive at a local hilltop and find parking on your right, as you see that the road is closed to cars a few meter ahead. This is the trailhead, location N60.55610, E005.66089, elevation about 240 meter.
Route description:
Continue on the nice road on foot. As you get to lake Torvavatnet, you pass the nice house Træet, owned by Bergen Turlag. Continue to lake Botnavatnet. You will see the steep cliffs of Hikletten right ahead. Pass several houses, just as you are close to the last house in this area, the trail forks off to your left, starting with a few small steps. There may be a sign roadside pointing left and saying Hikletten.
Walk uphill towards the upper (white) house slightly right. Just before this house, pick up a very vague trail that heads uphill. The route climbs here, as you aim for the large cliffs above. Higher up, the trail will run parallel to the cliffs as it gains elevation and reaches a local col. The terrain is flat here, the route runs directly across and then slightly downhill as the main fjord comes into view. You should see that the trail now bears more right and gently climbs aiming for the east side of Hikletten. Continue uphill following the most natural way as you gradually aim for the higher terrain up on your right hand side. As soon as you are on summit plateau, head south-west and locate a nicely built cairn. There is a smaller cairn further ahead, the unmarked point a bit on your right hand side, also appears higher. The map says that the difference is only 9 centimeter, however, the small cairn at the end of the plateau, certainly appears to be the highest point.
I left my car at 1215 and really enjoyed the old road, properly built to serve the small farms that are not in business any more. It was easy to locate the trail since a small, wooden sign pointed uphill. Higher up, I ran into slippery, new snow and lost the trail. I picked my way uphill and arrived at the main cairn at 1315. It turned out that 3 points seemed to compete for being highest. The small cairn at the end of the plateau looked higher when looking back at the other points. I left at 1330, the weather was now getting a bit worse, with sustained rain. I was back at my car at 1430.
I explored the alternative (toll) road on my return drive, quite a nice round-trip.