• Mehammarsåta
  • 749 m
  • Primary factor 749 m
  • Location: This is the highest point on the island Stord. Stord is south of Bergen, Norway.
  • Location: North 59:53.848, East 005:27.867
  • Climbed April 24, 2003.


How to get there: Take the ferry from Halhjem about one hour south of Bergen along Hwy. E-39. The ferry takes about one hour. Continue south on E-39 for about 13 km. The small parking area at the trailhead is on your right shortly after a camping/motel on your left (it has signs on the Hwy.) Soon after the trailhead, the E-39 road crosses a small bridge, you should not go this far. This small turnout with a sign and a gate for the trail is easily missed, look carefully.
Stord can also be reached from the south (Haugesund) via an 8 km subsea tunnel (as low as 260 meter below sea surface) and a long (more than 1000 meter) suspension bridge (toll 80 NOK in 2003).
Route description: From the trailhead, continue along a trail that more or less climbs the first section near the creek. There is a big trail going more left, this represents a slight detour. The trail regains a dirt road in a level area slightly higher up. Follow this road and stay right when the road forks. Continue to follow it until you see a fairly distinct valley above you, made definite by a creek that comes down and crosses the road you are on. Leave the road and head up along the river. The summit is up on the hikers right hand side. It can be climbed more or less directly, observing obvious cliff areas to be avoided.
Comments: I did this hike with my friend Arnt Flatmo. The trip started after work (around 1600) in Bergen. It took us about one hour and 20 minutes to reach the summit, then only 25 minutes to return to the car (partly running). After this hike we continued on to climb Tysnessåta, the highest point on the neighbor island of Tysnes. We completed the two high points and were back in Bergen by 0030. An active evening.