• Lavangstinden
  • 1266 m
  • Primary factor 843 m
  • Location: , Troms, Norway
  • Location: North 68.73710, East 017.59618 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed September 1., 2020


How to get there:
Drive E-6 north from Narvik, or E-10 east from the airport Evenes, to the small village of Bjerkvik. Continue north on E-6 about 13 kilometer. Turn left onto Hwy. 825, continue to the bridge and cross to the north side of the fjord. From the bridge, drive 6 more kilometer to Hesjeberg. A small side road forks uphill on your right about 150 meter before the main road crosses the river. Take this road, shortly after the exit you may park on the right hans side. Unfortunately, the road is closed by a locked gate. This is the trailhead, location N68.72926, E017.47239, elevation about 15 meter.
Route description:
First, walk up along the forest road. As the road gains the upper part of the valley, ignore 3 small branches that fork right. After a gentle downhill the main road curves left in order to cross the main river, fork right (well before) and continue just across the smaller river that comes from your right. A track runs uphill here on the left side of the river. This location is N68.74007, E017.52725, elevation close to 280 meter. Follow this track uphill. It will fade away, but the terrain is easy and the route continues uphill staying south of the steep slopes of Lavangstinden. Near elevation 850 meter you should pass 2 small lakes (on your right). From here, the route turns more left and one may ascend the hillside going north to reach the almost completely flat summit plateau. The summit cairn is located on the north side of this pretty large flat area.
The forecast called for rain in the morning, followed by gradually improving weather later in the day. However, since I had a flight to catch (going back to Bergen), I just could not start very late. After a good breakfast at Fjellkysten hotel, I drove to the trailhead. My hope was to drive up the mountain road, but that was not to be.
I started walking at 0830, the weather was better than expected. The road was ok, after 30 minutes most of it behind me. I left the road on a short access to a couple of houses, the crossing of the river was tricky but doable. Clearly better to stay on the main road and use the bridge before heading uphill. Very pleasant walk as I gradually gained elevation until arriving at the small lakes. From here, I partly walked on some big patches of snow, then a somewhat steeper hillside before the summit plateau. I was up by 1120, so slightly less than 3 hours. No views, a cloud resting up here. I headed back down within 10 minutes and had an equally pleasant walk back down to my car, arriving there by 1430.
I now had ample time to head back to the airport and my flight to Bergen.