• Tindastoll
  • 995 m
  • Primary factor 807 m
  • Location North 65.81739 West 019.75942 (GPS on the summit)
  • Iceland
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed May 19, 2016.


How to get there:
This mountain is located close to the small village Saudarkrokur on the north coast of Iceland. Take Hwy. 744 out of town, going north on the west side of our mountain. Roughly half way to the point where this Hwy. makes a sharp turn south, there is a signed road going right. This road serves a small ski area. Take this road, it will climb considerably before ending in an area for parking at the base of the single ski lift. Park here, location N65.77883 W019.76562, elevation about 460 meter.
Route description:
Head uphill on the left side of the ski lift. There are two options, one may climb high on the same mountain that has the ski lift, then contour left to a distinct saddle connecting this mountain with the next mountain north. Alternatively, start out in the same way, but contour into the very distinct valley on your left side, then climb much more steeply to the same saddle. This route can be done without loosing any elevation along the way.
From this saddle, continue north along a pretty broad ridge that eventually narrows. Ski across a narrow band to connect to a large flat plateau on the north side. Descend slightly and head more left (north-west) in order to locate the highest point. The entire area near this point is very flat. There is a small cairn marking the high point.
We had stayed in Saudarkrokur and expected this trip to be rather easy. We left our car at 0840 and opted for the route that first climbs the ski-hill directly uphill. The skiing was nice and the ridge had a somewhat unexpected narrow section. We arrived at the small cairn at 1050, in good weather. After enjoying the views to fjord and mountains, we left at 1045 and skied back to our car in 45 minutes.