Pictet Bjerge

  • Pictet Bjerge
  • 1093 m.
  • Primary factor 168 meter
  • Location: North 72.035619, West 23.239517 (must be checked!)
  • Near Antarctichavn, North East Greenland


How to get there: This is not easy, Antarctichavn is most easily reached by boat from the enormous King Oscar Fjord.
Route description: Starting from Antarctichavn, the mountain is to the north. Cross the flat meadow and follow the east ridge up as it curves toward the highest point. An interesting local rock formation can be climbed a bit before reaching the highest point. One can continue along the ridge and descend on the ridge further west for a very nice ridge walk. This is a nice walk without difficulties.
Comments: Norway occupied the East Greenland coast north of 71:30, in the summer of 1931. Helge Ingstad served as Sysselmann, the highest representative of the Norwegian Government from 1931 until 1933. His main base was a hut just below this mountain in the place named Antarctichavn.
This was the last stop of our 1996 Greenland expedition, I had a very nice hike up this mountain on my last day in Greenland, 1996.