• Byrkjefjellet
  • 1046 m
  • Primary factor 129 m
  • Hordaland.
  • Location: North 60.40907, East 005.97312 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed January 14. 2018
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
This mountain is located at Kvamskogen, a very popular area along Hwy 7, between Trengereid and Norheimsund at the Hardanger fjord. Travel time from Bergen is about one hour. After reaching Kvamskogen, near a place called Jonshøgdi, turn right at location N60.387632, E005.966865. There is a pretty large parking area here. The cost for a day parking here was NOK 100 in 2018.
Exit from the parking area, turn left and walk about 50 meter along the main Hwy. Cross the road and follow a smaller road that soon becomes a maintained (groomed) ski track. This track turns left and gets closer to the hillside where it next turns right and starts ascending. Follow this track as it continues to climb uphill.
There is a fork, a somewhat steeper, but more direct route climbs towards the 996 plateau of Byrkjefjellet staying left of a pretty distinct ravine, while the groomed ski track ascends more gradually on a long traverse going right in order to reach a pretty flat area at around 600 meter of elevation, below the south slope of Byrkjefjellet.
Either way, the two routes will ascend to the lower 996 plateau of Byrkjefjellet. From here, one crosses towards the final uphill section accessing this slope via a very narrow, steepish, short passage through a cliff band. Finally, turn more left and ascend the last few meter to locate the summit cairn.
This was a trip organized by the Bergen Mountaineering Club (DNT Bergen Fjellsport). I was trip leader and my friend Fredrik Brun was co-trip leader. We had 12 participants and a long wait list. One person cancelled very late, thus we ended up being a party of 13.
We started around 1030 and my first goal was the characteristic Purkegjelet where I had planned a rest, hopefully sheltered from the wind. I deliberately bypassed Byrkjefjellet, traversing the east slope in order to avoid extra elevation.
We needed to take the skis off in order to get into the Purkegjelet, however, we could have entered further below, but then with a slight extra loss of elevation.
The sun came out and we had a very nice break, this being mid January, we were quite lucky. Next, we continued to the summit of Iendafjellet, 1260m. On top, the wind was strong and everybody scrambled to put their skis into downhill mode.
Back down Purkegjelet and then about 150 meter vertical ascent to the cairn on Byrkjefjellet. The wind was really picking up (storm later this evening), but now all that remained was a nice downhill ski back to our trailhead. The trip ended around 1545, so slightly more than 5 hours in total.
Thanks to all participants for making this a very good outing.