• Hetlebakksåta
  • 334 m
  • Primary factor 231 m
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Location: North 60:28.399, East 005:24.062 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: December 4, 2010


How to get there: Drive E-39 north from Bergen, continue (left) where E-16 and E-39 split, continue towards "Bergen Travpark" (the future E-39 will not go here, 2010), then take a right at Breisteinvegen (Hwy. 567), sign for Osterøy (ferry). Make a new right (sign says Haukås)a, and find parking as the road again forks (on the right fork). This is the trailhead, location N60:29.481, E005:23.153, elevation about 65 meter.
Route description: There is a paved pedestrian/bike way starting out near the fork that got you to the parking. Take this way as it leads up a gentle hill. As soon as you reach the top, you will see a football field below on your left. Look for a trail that forks off to your right. It is pretty big, but could still be hard to spot. Take this trail. If you miss it, the walk-way continues next to the football field, then enters a small gap with a distinct curve. There is a second trail going right uphill from this spot, the two trails meet higher up.
Follow the trail to a small lake continue on its right side and soon you emerge on the Hetlebakksåta summit. Near the summit, you will find a marker and a summit register (mail box). Perhaps the summit is indeed a bit higher,
There are two other summit points, nearby is a point with a proper cairn. My GPS measured this point to be essentially equal in height, perhaps a notch lower. Further along is a third point with an antenna. This point is about 2 meter lower.
Comments: I started out at 1200 and missed the first trail going right from the paved pedestrian walk-way. I found the second trail and headed up to the frozen lake. Shortly thereafter I arrived at the summit around 1240. I explored the two other points as well and left around 1300. When I passed the small lake, several skaters had arrived. I continued down the left fork and discovered the trail that I had missed when going up. Back at the car by 1335, a very nice hike on a nice and easy trail.