Davraz Tepe

  • Davraz Tepe
  • 2635 m
  • Primary factor 1553 m
  • Turkey
  • Location: North 37.75454, East 030.72479 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed July 12. 2016.


How to get there:
Starting from the mosque in the center of Egirdir (0.0 km), drive 13.7 kilometer on the main Hwy. to Isparta. Turn left there, going through a portal, signs for Davraz ski area. Follow the signs for Davraz from here. Note that the route forks right (off the main road) already partway up the first hill. The road gets up in the mountains, but Davraz Tepe is not the first mountain in view. The ski area has a pretty large parking area on your left hand side as you enter the base of the lower chair lift. Park here, location N37.78249, E030.75950, elevation about 1665 meter.
Note that a proper 4WD, high clearance vehicle could drive all the way to the top of the highest lift, but this would require authorization from the ski area management.
Route description:
Walk up the obvious service roads that will take you to the top of the highest chair lift. This is at location N37.75752, E030.74554, elevation 2390 meter. Continue on the service road passing the lift structure, when the road turns right and heads downhill, pick up a small trail that initially heads for the big break in cliffs above, but then gradually turns left and traverses up to an exit point that is more narrow, sort of directly uphill from the lift top station.
As you exit from this somewhat steeper slope, a shallow basin with smaller humps around it is in front of you. Turn sharply right and pick up a trail that contours while slightly moving uphill, do not descend. This trail will emerge into a small valley that connects directly to the summit peak. As you hike this pretty level trail, the east summit will be up on your right hand side. Ascend the final summit peak directly up. This may involve some easy scrambling. Easier terrain can always be found by moving more left. The summit has a bent, rusted metal pole, not much else. There is a summit ridge that continues west, a couple of humps are almost as high as the summit, this ridge ends about 220 meter from the summit. At this point you have a good view down on the large city of Isparta. There is a solar panel, an antenna and a Turkish flag there.
I drove from Egirdir after breakfast and was ready to hike by 0945. The service roads in the ski area were painfully level, meaning quite a lot of walking for each 100 meter vertical gained. It took me a full 1:30 to reach the top of the upper lift. From here, the hike turned more interesting, quite contrast to ascend up between the cliffs and then suddenly, a new landscape appears. I did not check my GPS and ended up walking a somewhat longer route than necessary (and no trail). Still, before long I had the peak in sight. I noticed sheep and dogs off to my left, the smart thing to do is then to change course and get out of sight. Thus, I ended up with some easy scrambling the last stretch to the summit. I arrived at 1235. The rest of the ridge (west) is a bit more than 200 meter, since there was some kind of installation at the very end, I walked over there and back.
Leaving at 1300, it took me 45 minutes back to the lift, then another 1:10 to descend the service roads. I was pretty thirsty when getting back to my car, having finished my water already up at the top of the highest lift.
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