Capelinhos Volcano

  • Capelinhos Volcano
  • 158 m
  • Primary factor 101 m
  • Faial, Azores
  • Location: North 38.60102, West 028.83286 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed: July 20. 2014


How to get there:
This place is located at the west end of the island Faial. Drive west from Horta, exit left following signs for Capelinhos and drive all the way down to the coast where there is an area for parking.
Route description:
Follow a vague trail marked with a few short poles that head north towards the volcan hills. The route runs left (below) the old light-house. You will pass close to the defining saddle (near N38.59766, W028.82677), then head uphill along a well worn path with loose sand. There are two summits competing for being highest. A trail runs into the saddle area between them. The highest (most likely), is the hill you will have on your left. Continue to the saddle between the two peaks, then climb the ridge to your left. There is no trail here and several sea-gulls are nesting. Avoid their nests and be aware that they may try to attack you by flying low over your head. The final ridge is steep on the right and the rocks may be unstable. Get to the far end and approach the highest ground with caution.
Return the same way, then climb the competing hill via a well worn trail. This hill has an interesting crack that vents hot air with sulphur smell across its very top. Descend back along the main ridge, then join your route of ascent.
Heidi and I was on a car sightseeing trip around the island. While she strolled around near the car and learned about the eruption that destroyed much of this area in 1957, I made a quick dash for the summit. The climb was pretty straightforward, as I visited the two highest summits. The eruption in 1957 lasted 13 months, it added some more land to the island, but resulted in a mass emigration to the USA.