Quandary Peak

  • Quandary Peak
  • 4348 m.
  • 13th in Colorado
  • Primary factor 343 m.
  • Climbed November 20, 2000


How to get there: The start of this hike is a few hundred meters in on road 850 which goes to the right about 8 miles south of Breckenridge. The area is quite obvious given the fact that one sees Quandray from the road a few miles earlier.
Route description: We skied up to the top of the ridge, in the beginning following some snowed in logging road, then a section of small clearings between the trees. The route then follows the highest ridgeline. It may look as if that will get you over a hump and subsequently loose some elevation, however this is not the case, the ridge has a level section, but no place does it loose height. This route is clearly simple in good summer conditions. In winter the effort needed will depend more on the snow cover and the actual weather.
Comments: This hike was our first on cross country skis in Colorado. The snow was generally deep and loose before gaining the ridge, thereafter it was a mix of crust and soft snow, not too easy. Higher on the ridge the wind had exposed enough rocks to make us leave the skis and complete the hike on foot. A very clear, crisp, cold day, strong wind at times during the ascent. Jacko Koster and Pål Jørgen made this a party of 3 climb. We started at 0800, reached the summit at noon and were back at the jeep shortly before 1400. We were the only persons on the mountain, perhaps not surprising on a Monday in late November.