• Giljabotnnipa
  • 1499 m
  • Primary factor 337 meter
  • Location: North 60.88212, East 006.79631 (GPS at the summit)
  • Near Nærøyfjorden, Norway.
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed February 15. 2015.


How to get there:
Drive E-16 to Voss and continue towards Gudvangen. After the 2 downhill tunnels near Stalheim, pay attention in order to find the left turn signed Jordalen. This road turns back, then starts the steep climb up to Jordalen. A new tunnel is under construction (2015), it is sheduled to open in 2016. Continue past the Jordalen farms and a bit higher, as the road curves right, look for parking. This location is N60.89389, E006.72186, elevation about 590 meter.
Route description:
This route describes a very nice tour, visiting the well known viewpoint Bakkanosi along the way.
From the trailhead, cross up on an open field, then into a fairly open forest (easy to ski), in order to locate a forest road that will provide access to more open terrain beyond the first, slightly steeper section of ascent (in the forest). Higher up, the valley is more flat as the route ascends very gently to the mountain farm house in Slettedalen. The valley continues to be almost flat until the route reaches the upper end, the slope is not steep, but at least one will again gain some elevation. As the route enters the col, Lyngskaret (1280-1300), turn right and ascend to the ridgeline, continue near point 1389, then gently down to the foot of Bakkanosi.
Bakkanosi, 1398m, has about 30 meter of prominence, but a very good view down to Nærøyfjorden. The best view is a bit further north, near the point where the steep slope begins. From here, Nærøyfjorden, runs directly aligned with your view with impressive mountains on all sides.
Back track to point 1389, then continue across point 1410, then gently down towards Fetanipa (1475m). Fetanipa has prominence of about 85 meter. Ski east (left) of Høgberget (1471m). Continue gently down towards the base of Giljabotnnipa and climb it directly, the slope being slightly steeper in the very beginning. The summit has a small cairn and very good views in all directions.
Continue down directly to the connecting saddle with Solbjørganipa. Ascend to the cairn on the top of Solbjørganipa (1464m). From here, ski (carefully) down the west ridge, a bit steep in short stretches, to the first, horizontal saddle below. Turn right, towards Nipa, and ski down this hill, next, turn more west (left) and follow very nice slopes south (left) of Mjølkehaugane. Turn more right and continue more or less directly downhill. As one enters the trees, there are several options, follow good slopes and open corridors to reach the road near the creek draining from Slettedalen. Hike a short stretch along the road back up to the car parking.
This was a scheduled trip with the Bergen mountaineering group. 7 participants signed up and with a very nice forecast, I changed the route to Bakkanosi and the very scenic mountain ridge south of the Slettedalen valley. We left Bergen shortly after 0800 in two cars. Norunn, Bernadette and Jens-Petter in my car while Petter K., Fredrik and Marion drove with John. We arrived in Jordalen around 1030 and started skiing shortly thereafer.
The snow and weather were all near perfect as we skied in the scenic Slettedalen. Just before the col Lyngskaret, we stopped for lunch around 1230. We arrived at Bakkanosi and spent about 30 minutes taking photos and just enjoying the fantastic location.
The wind had now died down completely as we skied across Flatanipa and ascended the highest point on the trip, Giljabotnnipa. The time was now already 1500, but what was left of the trip correspondingly easy and fun. We traversed across our last mountain, Solbjørganipa, then a long downhill run was all that remained.
Finally, Bernadette and Jens-Petter got their reward after many hours of skiing on their randonee skis. The snow was close to perfect and everyone had a very good time leaving nice tracks on the unspoiled slope. We were back at the cars around 1645. A full and very memorable day with very good company, my thanks to all participants!