• Båtevassfjellet
  • 784 m
  • Primary factor 231 m
  • Location: Masfjorden, Norway.
  • Location: North 60.73930, East 5.48828 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed November 27, 2020
  • Difficulty YDS class 2


How to get there:
Drive E-39 north from Bergen. Immediately before the long Eikefet tunnel, take Hwy. 570 (left turn) north towards Masfjorden. After about 6 kilometer, you cross a pretty long, but narrow (single lane) bridge. As you exit this bridge, continue about 1700 meter to a signed road fork going right. Take this road and continue until you see the house at the end of the road, locate parking on your right hand side on a gentle hilltop. This location is N60.71795, E005.41086, elevation about 50 meter.
Route description:
Walk towards the house at the end of the road, then turn left immediately before crossing the small river. Follow the trail uphill, you cross the river on a bridge just after start, the trail then stays fairly close to this river on the right hand side. The trail passes a small hut on the left, arrives at a small lake, then a red hut when reaching about 525 meter of elevation.
The trail continues uphill, then more right in order to reach the small north-south valley called Tverrdalen. Cross diagonally to the north, the markers lead way to a place where you may ascend out of this small valley without difficulty.
The trail/route continues east, then more north to the summit of Båtevassfjellet. The route is quite well marked with small cairns and some wooden sticks. The summit has an impressive, 2 meter high cairn. The view is also good, weather permitting.
I started walking at 1120. It was a nice day and a good trail, slightly slippery in places where water had frozen the previous night. I walked across to Tverrdalen, failed to see the route and scrambled up some pretty steep terrain.
Very soon after this crossing, my phone ran out of power, quite a surprise as it was fully charged in the morning. In this way I lost my map and camera, I should have brought some backup! I still had my GPS, but with a pretty useless map.
I then climbed point 758m, I believed that this was indeed the summit. Once on top, I looked across to see the big cairn on the correct summit. OK, obviously, my walking was not yet done. I continued to the summit arriving there surprisingly late, the time was already 1415! With the same time back, it would get dark before my return. Thus, I hurried a bit more, but still had a good, enjoyable mountain walk. I was back at 1620, so 2 hours on my return hike.