• Kistefjellet
  • 1003 m
  • Primary factor 955 m
  • Location: North 69:17.517, East 018:07.961 (GPS at the summit)
  • Troms, Norway
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: April 24, 2009


How to get there: This mountain is just up from the village of Finnsnes in Troms. From Hwy.E-6, just north of Bardufoss, locate Olsberg (Buktamo) where Hwy. 855 goes left to Finnsnes. Drive 29.9 km to the intersection with Hwy. 86, continue straight ahead, now on Hwy. 86. Continue to km 31.9 and turn right, the sign says Skogen. Drive the main road uphill, passing through a housing area, then arriving at the base of a small downhill ski area at kilometer 33.1. Park here, this is a good trailhead. This location is N69:14.355, E018:01.885, elevation 114 meter.
Route description: Head up the downhill slope, then continue more north-east, follow the terrain and gradually gain elevation. Eventually, merge up with the marked route that follows the (summer) road up a shallow valley. Higher up, you will locate a small cabin at location N69:16.664, E018:05.567, elevation 636 meter. Continue along the marked route as it climbs somewhat more steeply, making a wide curve to your right, then turning left and gaining the main ridge. The route now finish in a steady uphill as you approach the very big concrete telecommunication tower at the summit. The cairn is located right next to this tower, but on the far side relative to your arrival. You can pass on the left (east) side of the tower. Beware of possible ice that might fall from the tower structure.
Comments: I did this trip with my friend Geir Åke Dahlen. We flew to the Harstad/Narvik airport (Evenes) late Thursday and stayed the night in the convenient Skoddeberghytta. The weatherforecast was pretty miserable and we decided to try a very safe and simple "ski-mountain", the choice became Kistefjellet.