Pic de Peguera

  • Pic de Peguera
  • 2982 m
  • Primary factor 558 m
  • Spain
  • Highest in Aigües Tortes
  • Location: North 42:32.40, East 001:00.80
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed July 1994.


How to get there: The small Spanish village of Espot in the Pyrenees can be reached by car from Toulouse in France and Barcelona in Spain. From Espot it is short drive into the National Park called Sant Maurici i Aigües Tortes. There may be some restriction on automobile travel, limited traffic into the park in the morning and only out of the park later in the day.
Route description: From the end of the road with a very nice view of the steep Dels Enchantats (2747m) the trail heads south along the creek on the west side of Dels Enchantats. The trail climbs gradually in a very beautiful valley passing first a small and later a slightly bigger lake. At the third (very small) lake the trail forks and one follows the left forking trail up (towards east) somewhat steeper until one reaches the pass Coll de Monesero with Pic de Monestero (2878m) to the north and Pic de Peguera to the south. The route now follows the ridge to the summit. Light scrambling over huge blocks leads to the summit which consists of a large block itself. The easiest way may be to turn back, we continued the traverse and encountered only a single difficulty (at least when having two children, one only ten years old). We dropped a bit to the west of the ridge, there may be an easier route that went undetected by us. The one difficult spot was inside a small ravine where an adult could lower himself down and then help the children. After this point the hike was very easy down to the other pass, Coll O de Peguera. From this pass one could complete the loop back to the small lake where the trail forked.
Comments: We traversed the peak, this was a good family hike where we could split in two parties, one climbing the peak while the rest could complete the hike to the pass and then join up again at the small lake. The scenery and vegetation make a hike in this area highly recommended.