• Hjarttinden
  • 967 m
  • Prominence 967 m
  • Location: North 66.27905, East 012.84658 (GPS)
  • Lurøy, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on June 27. 2021


How to get there:
One most likely needs to secure a private transport by boat across to the island Aldra. Most people live near Åsnes on the east side and you are likely to find people at the place called Aldra, on the island. There is a 5 kilometer road between the place Aldra and the smaller place (no people) called Hjart. Hjart is the location from where to start this climb. The location is N66.38258, E013.02498, elevation 20 meter.
Route description:
Head up along the right side of the small creek that drains to the sea near the old farm houses at Hjart. (See location above.) Higher up, the terrain is more flat as you get to a small lake. Near the end of the lake, turrn right and ascend in easy, semi-open terrain along the ridge. Here, it is important to find the correct line, avoiding steep, slippery terrain with birch trees. There is a steeper section on your right around the 400 meter contour. One should ascend and cross above this cliff. The gully becomes more distinct from about 500 meter of elevation. Follow this gully uphill until the slope decreases significantly.
The day was grey and misty, the forecast promised that the rain would end around 1000. We were fortunate and had established contact with the head of Polarsirkelen Fjellsport (the local mountaineering group), Stig Arve. He very generously offered to take us across to Hjart with his boat. He also had already contacted Geir Ove who would take us back after the hike since Stig Arve had another obligation late afternoon. We agreed to be at his place (directly opposite Hjart) at 0900 in the morning. Stig Arve also explained what he considered the best route to climb the mountain.
We started around 1000, as we ascended the gentle ridge from the small lake, we contoured right below instead of above the local cliffs.