San Calogiera

  • San Calogiera
  • 1326 m
  • Primary factor 827 m
  • Location: Sicily.
  • Location: North 37.94432, East 013.73372 (GPS)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: June 15. 2022


How to get there:
This trailhead must be approached from the west. I made a bad mistake when asking Google to navigate to this trailhead. Google tried from the north and got me into trouble!
Thus, first navigate to the location N37.92672, E013.67462, elevation near 610 meter. This is a road intersection. Continue from here horizontally (east), ie. not uphill. This road will get you all the way to the trailhead. It changes from paved to dirt the last part, but this is a good dirt road easy to drive for all cars. The trailhead is located at N37.93617, E013.71533, elevation near 830 meter. A rough farm road forks right, there is a clear sign for San Calogiera. One may park on the side of the road.
Follow the farm road as it climbs to the saddle south of the mountain. A careful hiker may be able to follow a paint marked route (also cairns) from here. I did not succeed and lost the trail here. There is also a fence that must be crossed, one may pass (crawl) under in several locations.
The trail is pretty easy to find on the slope higher up as it ascends going left (when looking uphill). The route is then very easy to follow once you find it (above 1100 meter). The trail runs all the way to north-west side of the slope. Here, the route ascends in a nice zig-zag path, it is easy to see that work has been carried out to make this path a nice walk. There are several small man made walls from rocks, supporting the trail.
The upper part of the route contours back around on the south slope, then circles east before gaining the summit area next to a large solar panel. There are two summit points, an old ruin and a small summit slightly (30-40 meter) more south.
I first wasted considerable time by coaching my car up an impossibly bad road - thanks to Google! I did get closer to the trailhead, but finally decided that this was all wrong and indeed pretty stupid. It then took more time to get my car safely back down to what may again be called a road.
I drove around to the west side and quickly discovered the proper road - first paved, then quite nice dirt. I parked off the road (on grass), then started walking around 1100. The first part, leading up to the saddle is wide enough to be called a farmers road, but very rough - a tractor may be able to get at least part way up.
I tried to follow the paint marking, but still lost it in the saddle area. The fence was passed by crawling under. Higher up on the south slope, I spotted a few cairns and quickly regained the trail. Up on my left, 3 mountain goats were looking. From here to the summit, the route was easy to follow. I arrived on top at 1210, so slightly more than one hour.
Good views all around. I rested and had some water, then started descending after about 10 minutes. The descent was nice, I followed the cairned route quite a bit longer downhill before loosing it again. I bushwacked down some cliffs with vegetation before entering the col area. Next across and down the tracktor track, arriving at my car one hour after leaving the top.