Mount Audubon

  • Mount Audubon
  • 4030 m
  • Primary factor 257 m
  • Colorado
  • In the Indian Peaks
  • Location: North 40:05.93, West 105:36.98
  • Climbed September 2, 2000.


How to get there: Drive past the small village of Nederland (west of Boulder) and continue north on Highway 72 for 14 miles to Ward. From there go left at the Forest Service road sign, the ranger up the road will collect 5 dollars and the road is paved all the way to Beaver Creek Trailhead next to a large parking lot.
Route description: The hike starts fairly flat between large trees. The trail then climbs a distinct hill and subsequently there is a fork between Beaver Creek Trail and the Audubon trail. Go left and head up towards a large ridge on the north side of the summit. The last section is partially on stable rocks, the entire hike is completely straightforward. light scrambling.
Comments: Pål Jørgen 11 and I did this hike on a nice Saturday that got off to a late start. We parked the car at 12:15, the climb took us 1:30, we rested 30 minutes at the top and were back for dinner (in Boulder) by 16:30. This was the day with NO chance of thunder, so a late afternoon hike worked out very nicely.