Lantau Peak

  • Lantau Peak
  • 934 m
  • Primary factor 934 m
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Location: North 22.24920, East 113.92007 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed November 25, 2019


How to get there:
The best starting point is Tung Chung, the last station on the MTR line with the same name. From here, you can take the gondola (more expensive) to Ngong Ping, or a bus. An alternative trailhead is to take a bus along Tung Chung Road to the pass (Pak Kuh Au) between Sunset Peak (left) and Lantau Peak (right, as seen from Tung Chung.)
Route description:
From Ngong Ping, at the base of the big Buddha, walk on a small road towards the peak keeping to the right hand side of the temples and the orchid garden. You should then exit right on Wisdom trail. There are also signs for Lantau Peak. At the next trail fork, keep right and then locate the Lantau Trail at yet another fork, location N22.25271, E113.91239, elevation about 460 meter. Take the Lantau trail (right), this will climb almost continously on stone steps to the main south ridge of Lantau. Here, the trail turns left and continues a short distance to reach the summit.
The other major trail starts from the Pak Kuh Au bus stop on Tung Chung Road. This location is at the pass where the road crosses between Sunset Peak (north) and Lantau Peak (south). One can take this bus from the bus station next to the MTR station in Tung Chung.
This trail starts at the pass and heads directly along ridges to the summit of Lantau Peak. The distance is about 3 kilometer with an elevation gain of about 600 meter.
Heidi and I took the MTR to Tung Chung station, the the Gondola (rope-way) to the "tourist trap" Ngong Ping. They advertised a price of 105 for seniors, but at the ticket office, we were told that this was only for Residents of Hong Kong, they should improve the web-page to tell the truth.
In Ngong Ping, we visited the big Buddha, then a few temples. We had decided that Heidi would traverse around on the north side of the peak, while I would do a traverse and then meet at the Pak Kuh Au bus-stop near the col between Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak. We split up at 1200 noon, and I was at the summit by 1240. Quite a nice climb, stone steps very similar to the ones you find in Stolzten in Bergen, Norway. I spent 15 minutes on top, taking pictures and enjoying a very nice view. Another 45 minutes brought me down to the bus-stop. Heidi was just a short distance downhill, I walked down and met her. When we regained the col, the bus was coming uphill and we made it with zero waiting time.
A very nice hike and a very nice peak. Thanks to Heidi for good company. We took the MTR back home arriving at 1530.