San Gorgonio

  • San Gorgonio
  • 3506 m
  • Primary factor 2526 m
  • California
  • Highest in Southern California
  • Climbed June 1993.


How to get there: The trailhead is not far from Bear lake in the San Bernadino Mountains near Los Angeles. Consult a local map.
Route description: The well marked trail climbs rather gently up until it reaches a small lake called Dry Lake.
From here the approach is quite easy, but possibly due to snow (I was there in June), we did not follow any trail. This last part of the hike gets you above timberline, there were some good snow slopes and a fairly flat area towards the very end.
Comments: The Dry Lake was full of water when we passed it. I lead a group of scientists attending a conference at Lake Arrowhead on this hike.