• Drangskollen
  • 139 m
  • Primary factor 126 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.76892, East 005.79140 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed November 17, 2013.


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive E-16 to the Osterøy bridge. Measure from the island side of the bridge. Follow signs to Lonevåg arriving at the traffic circle (after a long tunnel) at kilometer 13.5. Continue to Fotlandsvåg at kilometer 27.5, continue straight and drive 3.3 kilometer from Fotlandsvåg. That is, at kilometer 30.8, in a downhill in the beginning of a right curve, locate a very old forest road going left and park at its very beginning just off the road. There is a wooden sign about 10 meter further ahead. This trailhead is at location N60.59926, E005.55932, elevation about 70 meter.
Route description:
Follow the old track a few meter uphill, or walk on the trail that runs parallel slightly on your right hand sign. This trail will lead you to the old farm Haugo (uninhabited), then down to the fjord (Drangevågen), and continue on the right hand side of this narrow inlet to the old farm Drangen (uninhabited). Cross through the red gate and walk between the main house (left) and the red house (right). Continue on the grass, go through a second gate and then turn slightly right as you follow the grass uphill near the small creek. Locate a last gate at the upper end of the grass very close to the small creek. Go through this gate and follow a clear, but small trail more steeply uphill. The trail follows the creek and gradually climbs a bit more left at the upper part of the slope. Near the top, the trail sort of vanishes, pick your way through some brush, then into an open meadow. Follow the meadow as you approach the final, small ridge with the highest point. The highest point is easy to see, due to a mast with a red blinking light on top.
It was a grey day, but a small trip to Osterøy seemed about right. I left my car around 1240 and arrived at the summit by 1340. The view was pretty good, towards the west, but also more into the fjord, to the north-east.
I left after about 10 minutes and walked back to my car in about 45 minutes. This hike is very easy, but the visit to these uninhabited farms that never had a road connection, is very nice and worthwhile.