• Toppefjellet
  • 252 m
  • Primary factor 99 m
  • Location: North 60:28.886, East 005:17.517 (GPS at the summit).
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed on July 30. 2011


How to get there:
Drive north from Bergen, exit left (from E39) just before the new Ikea building and locate the road Salhusvegen. Follow this down a valley, make a left turn at the first major intersection (sign for Morvik). Almost immediately, this road shortly runs through a short tunnel. Make left at the first intersection (after the tunnel), keep left as this road turns into "Sollsmittet", drive uphill in curves until you hit Toppeveien. Make a right and follow this road until you enter a parking area between several greenhouses. Ask permission to park here on your right side. This is the trailhead, location N60:28.884, E005:17.073, elevation about 110 meter.
Route description:
This mountain has two peaks, the lower Toppenipa (232m), to the north-west side, then Toppefjellet (252m) further south-east. Toppenipa has a good view of the landscape and sea across to Askøy. One can reach Toppenipa from the north side (turn left on Toppeveien instead of right).
From the trailhead described here, look at the saddle between the two tops. A very reasonable trail runs down from thsi saddle to the farm. The beginning of this trail can be hard to find, it starts a bit to the left of a stone wall that can be seen next to the farmers field. Head up, then stay left in order to visit Toppenipa first. From Toppenipa, one can follow a small but visible trail back to the main saddle, then up to the summit of Toppefjellet.
I started at 1430. It took me 15 minutes to reach Toppenipa, then another 15 minutes to traverse back to the main summit of Toppefjellet. Next, I tried to go off-trail in order to descend to the key prominence saddle. This was a big mistake as the terrain is steep and full of vegetation that was incompatible with my legs (I walked in shorts). I turned around, descended the same way as my ascent, then hiked back up to the saddle. I was back at my car around 1600, a nice afternoon walk in terrain that sees few visits.

The map has this summit in the contour level 250-255, and the corresponding key saddle in the interval 150-155. Thus, the prominence must be in the interval (95 - 105), normal (conservative) interpolation would put the summit at 252 meter and the key saddle at 153 meter, with a resulting prominence of 99 meter.
My GPS reported excellent error tolerances for the summit, somewhat worse for the saddle. The summit elevation was given as 265 meter, the saddle at 176 meter. This difference yields only a prominence of 89 meter.