Monte Brasil,

  • Monte Brasil
  • 205 m
  • Primary factor 169 m
  • Terceira, Azores
  • Location: North 38.64300, West 027.22127 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: July 28. 2014


Here is a quick summary of my climbs in the Azores islands.
How to get there:
This interesting cliff is located on a small penisula going south directly from the main city of Terceira, Angra do Heroismo. The access road, directly from the city runs through an old castle, obviously built to protect the city. The cliff has 3 summits, the one to the north facing the city is quite a bit lower, but the main tourist location on the cliff. The two other summits are of very similar height, Pico do Zimbreiro (west) at 203 meter and Pico do Fecho (east) at 205 meter. One may drive individual (small) accessroads to both summits or one can walk these short roads from the main paved road that serves the north summit.
Route description:
Each summit is served by a small, dirt road and they are well marked with signs at the main (paved) road. There is a short trail to the highest point of Pico do Fecho, while the trail to Pico do Zimbreiro is just slightly longer.
We had hired a taxi for 3 hours in order to look around ob Terceira while waiting for our connecting flight to Sao Miguel. We had arrived from the island of Flores (flying via Faial) earlier in the day.
I first visited the highest point, Pico do Fecho, before travelling across to the slightly lower Pico do Zimbreiro. This peak has prominence just short of 100 meter, estimated to 94 meter.