• Storevarden
  • 836 m
  • Primary factor 112 m
  • Location: North 60.80421, East 005.56348 (GPS at the summit).
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on February 20. 2021


How to get there:
Drive E-39 north from Bergen. You drive up the Romarheim valley, exit the upper tunnel, the road crosses the pass and starts descending. You will see the small, but distinct mountain ahead on your left as well as a small turnoff where you may park. This location is N60.82836, E005.61165, elevation about 420 meter.
Route description:
Look south, parallel with the Hwy. from the trailhead/parking. You will see a small valley that provides an ascent route. Ski up (steepish) this valley until you reach a flat section. Turn left and ascend to a distinct col that separates a small rock top (visible from when you started) from the main ridge. Turn right in the col and follow a more narrow ridge a short section until it connects with the larger hillside. Asend on the left side of the main crest until you reach a flat area with a small lake at about 670 meter of elevation. Continue south with steeper terrain on your right until you reach a natural flank that may be ascended while you continue south-west. Notice a cairn here, a sequence of cairns will now lead you to the minor summit marked as point 798.
From here, descend to a small lake at 688 meter, this is still to the south-west. From this lake, ascend a broad ramp heading north, then turn west towards the summit. Be aware that a distinct crack runs north-south around elevation 760 meter, there are easy spots where you may cross. The mountain slope is more gentle as you approach the cairn.
I did this trip with my friend Eric. The weather was not good, quite strong wind from the south and a mix of rain and snow. The visibility was poor and that made skiing a bit challenging. We left around 0930, arrived at the summit at 1200. Back at the car around 1350.